Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Anniversary the 2nd

I know this is LONG over due.


Mandy and I had hit our 2 year anniversary recently.  My gift to her this year was to take her to Bayfield.  See, she's never been there before and I know she's wanted to go.  So I found out what days she had off and I called her work to ensure that she wouldn't be missed for a few days, researched some hotels etc... Then I just took her.  The idea was to surprise her by taking her a week early.  What had happened was that I had told her family and somebody had said to her the day before we were to leave "well aren't you leaving tomorrow?"


Oh, well.  But she was still surprised ... and impressed.  It was a nice place!

We stayed in the QE 2 room.  Where the guys and I had stayed a few years back for that piping gig [it should be in my blog still].


We enjoyed ourselves, or at least I did as far as I know.  We ate at Blackwoods and made it into the hotel.  We walked around the town and visited some shops... bought some souveniers.  Even bought Mandy some cool shades.


Then we spent a night watching a reality show about ice cream.  It was actually pretty cool.  Then we started our way home and that was that.


Oh... where's the pics?  Right... well apparently the ol' A75 crapped out on us and this is the kind of picture we got from it:




well you'll see it below.  There's more, but you might as well go back to the images from the first Bayfield trio page.

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