Wednesday, August 23, 2006

seriously, i think that was about the best movie i have seen in a long time...

 so what do you expect from a movie entitled "snakes on a plane"

well if you're a normal, cool person, you expect one heck of a good movie (unlike some gloomy guses we know ).

So, did it live up to its expectation?  You bet!  Literally this was a GREAT movie.  EVERYBODY SHOULD SEE IT!  I want to say HOW great it is, but it's hard without giving it the context of some scenes... but then that would ruin parts of the movie for others.  I think the poster below speaks volumes about it.

  (this is an awesome, fake poster)

Sure there were some tense moments in it.  It's a movie about snakes loose on a plane, what else is there?  But it's never SOOO tense that you're frightened.  And the few moments that really do come close are relieved by such humour... and not just the 'cheap pop' humour, but real zany hilarity... real campy, yet witty humour that it's cool.  Kinda like when Uma kept chopping guys' arms off in Kill Bill.  Literally, Jarron laughed during the WHOLE movie.

Samuel - if you ever read this... excelleng job!  And to whoever wrote it... keep it up!

After the movie we retired to BP where the gang enjoyed the post-snakes experience, which consisted of:

  • watching  your feet around the chairs

  • making up a sharp, pointy version of jenga (see picture below- if you have to ask... don't!)

It also consisted of determining what the sequel will be like.  The consensus was that there would be no sequel, but rather a continuatino of this genre... such as:

  • sharks on a bus

  • bees in a blimp

  • bats on a boat

  • _some animal you're scared of_ on / in _some vehicle_

Definitely this movie will be a cult classic... no doubt.  They have to bring it back for a midnight hallowe'en showing.  Everybody has to see this movie.

So, in summation:


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