Monday, August 21, 2006

A Sam Roberts concert...

So, after the White River trip, we pull into town near exhausted and just plain all around pooped out.  What's on the plate next?  Well the OLG has planned there to be a free concert next to the Casino.  Free concert?  I do love all things free   And it's Sam Roberts.  Not that I'm a huge fan or anything, but it would still be cool to go.


We planned to meet for 7, which is good as Justin's birthday plan was to meet there for 7.  So we can all hook up and go.  Trouble was by the time we were energetically recharged from the travel it was nearer to 8.  So by the time we meet up with everybody it's like almost 9.  So finding Justin and gang was impossible.  The place was PACKED.  We sorta lingered in a few areas moving to find a nice spot as close as we could.  Best as we tried we really could barely make it to the first ring of the inner sanctum.  See there were several rows of impenatrability (is that a word?).  The closest to the stage was where all te people were standing and dancing.  After that were people in lawn chairs, and then followed by a tight row of people just standing.  We were behind that last row there, just before it started to taper off and the crowd becomes less dense.


Anyways, it was a good show and after it we all headed down to T'nA's.  That's a nice place.  They have this cool candle on the table.  Jarron freaked us out by how long he could hold his hand over it.  You have to see this trick to believe it!  Then Trish stole my hat... several times.  So i tied her to the chair with her shirt (it's hard to explain) and then mopped up a beer spill with her sweater.  I think even's even.  I think I might have edged out the competition by the time we left I got to cram her into the back of the Aztek... but then again, when we fished her and Eilidh out of there they looked to be in some sort of compromising position... not sure who's the winner there, but dang I wish I had my camera.  I'll attach what pictures I do have of the evening.  Weirdly I don't have any pics of Brandy at the event, but rest assured, she was there.

All in all it was a fun time!

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