Monday, August 21, 2006

White River's Fecal Festival

Okay, I'm taking the tagline from Carole actually.  She's the first to coin the Winnie the Pooh festival to the fun Fecal Festival.


How was the trip?  After some hullabaloo about ride situations and stuff everything was ironed out neatly.  My car consisted of:

  • Myself

  • Chris

  • Trish

  • Brian

Trish you say?  Yeah, a girl for the first time gets to go band tripping in teh Aztek.  I don't think she was that impressed tho'.  But she did bring Fraggle Rock to watch on DVD... tho' she didn't watch it (and I don't think I wanted to either).  We picked up Brian last, as he was working until 4:30.  When we picked him up he was making friends with the local crazies.  Apparently according to this guy, never hitch for a ride to Winnipeg, else you'll end up in Tocanoa (where that is... I have no idea).  4 hours later [give or take] we were in White River.  Yay.  With a few slipping minutes of sunlight I quickly set up my tent.  I love that thing.

We hung around in the big brown building for a bit before peopel decided they needed to go dance.  WR hosts a much music dance thingie in a parking lot.  Where the lot is divided into one half being older people [beer tent included] and the other divided half is youngin's [no beer tent].  It was $5 to join this festivity.  I didn't want to, but I'm also a sucker for peer pressure apparently.  After watchin' the 'po-po' take away several non-intoxicated people (as far as I could tell) but leaving "Lenny the town drunk" (man this guy was messed up) I decided I'll be heading out.  If I had stuck around, apparently I could have seen Tom win his free shirt.  I wish this thing had the ability to watch video, because I would show you the dance.  He demonstrated for us all later.  The rest of the night was ... well typical band style, lots of yabberin' and laughin' before we turned in around the hour of 4:30am-ish.  [some much later]  OK, i lied, there was one funny ocurrence - Trish somehow fell down and 'broke' her pants.  She came in baring them for all to see.  Not even on the seam or anything.  Pretty impressive.  So I had to video it, all I got was "I broke my pants" in a very pathetic voice.  [dang why won't this site allow videos]

8am came way too early.  It also came with the sense of rain on my tent.  I didn't like this for 2 reasons:

  1. my tent is now wet... will it be dry in time to go home?  I hate packing wet tents  , and I dont' want to leave it up during the parade.

  2. it will probably be still raining during the parade.  That makes 2 in a row.  I hate parading in the rain.

Regardless... life marches on, or in otherwords, Eric will still rip your tent open to rudely wake you up in the morning.  Seeing Jeff awake, he and I left for breakfast.  After breakfast I was quite concerned about the lack of people awake and moving and the nearness of time to the parade.  Those that were awake and moving were apparently still out at breakfast.  I was ticked... really, you don't understand how upset I was getting.  And when I started to say "hey, it's 10am, we should be dressed and tuned by the parade in 30min" I got responses of "you're kidding right?"  Now if it was a "you're kidding right" as in "really?  it's that late?  shoot, I better hurry" kinda response I could live with it.  But for the most part I got "you're kidding right" as in "do you really expect me to get moving?" kind of response.  Argh.  I really hstart having debates about being a real bastard of a PM then.

Anyways, the parade started, we were there and the rain had let up.  And it didn't seem as long as it usually is.  Not saying it was an EASY parade, I was pretty tired by the end, but still...  After the parade, it was time to start getting the rain off the tent [hard to do when it's still lightly drizzling] and pack everythign away.  Yay - only 4 more hours of driving until home.  Man, that was not a fun drive.

Not much else to say really.  Wish I had brought a camera.

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