Tuesday, August 8, 2006

A trip to TO

So what else do I have to get caught up on?  Not much besides the trip to Toronto for Kate & Stu's wedding... let's get you all caught up on that.  I'll do it chronologically.  Hopefully I'll remember all of it...



A very early flight.  Especially since we stayed up to watch Clerks 2.  So we got up ... gathered our gear in the truck and picked up Mandy's dad, who drove us to the airport.  It wasn't much longer before we had to call him back so he could take my bagpipe 'tool' and I didn't want to lose it through the airport security people.  After the flight we arrived in TO and struggled with our bags to find the 'rocket' which would take us to the subway.  We were able to pick up a week pass (it saved us a few dollars vs. a few day passes).  When we arrived at Kelly's apartment we met up with Kelly and Adam and we showed them their gifts.  We gave Kelly a shirt from Monkey Business (she loves Curious George) and we got Adam a set of inflatable Scooby Doo pawes so he can defend himself against her.  We went grocery shopping and picked up some supplies.  We ended up having dinner at Murphy's Law.  It was nice... I was thinking about askign to come back and play at night there.  We finished the night with a ROUSING game of Scene-It - WB edition.  Yay!  But not before I blew up the inflatable mattress and turned the fan on HIGH.  Oh, did I mention that it was so grossly hot that it felt like you were walking through wax.  Not comfy.



We woke up semi-early.  We had agreed the day would be spent visiting Adam.  He had the week off of work, but was going to spend the rest of it at his parent's camp.  Plus, he had a pool in his apartment.  So we trekked off to his apt and enjoyed his pool... and his view from the top.  Apparently he doesn't use it as much as he should!  [same goes for the fitness room!  heh]  After we had cooled down enough we went downtown.  We visited the Crepes restaurant, Lush, Silver Snail and Mandy's favourite - the Golden Bead store.  Ugh... beads   You don't want to know how much she spent there.  Trust me, I didn't want to.

After, we met up with Cindy et.al. at the Spaghetti Factory.  That place was cool.  What was really nice was that they have the price for the entree, salad and dessert included.  It's a small thing, but it it's neat.



I woke up early and ran out to the park and practiced my pipes for a bit.  And then it was our day to 'adventure.'  I went to Richardson's and then on to Spring Rolls and we also fit the "Retro Fun" store in there somewhere.  It's funny how we really didn't go many places but it still took us ~5 hours to go out and come home.  Thank god for those week passes!  After we got back to the apartment we went on a bit of a walk with Kelly around the Beaches and had dinner at a Greek restaurant.  Before we hit the restaurant tho', we happened on by a bus and saw this:

[okay, the pictures will be shown at the end - but it was the "Are you missing out?" one]

Anyways, it was this big bus set up on the side of the road with "VIRGIN ALL NIGHTER" on the side with disco balls on the inside.  There were some kids walking about it so we decided to ge on.  Turns out it's a big ad for Virgin mobile.  I figured we should head out.  They didn't want to tlak to us anymore once they found out that Mandy and I were from Thunder Bay and can't sign up for Virgin.  Besides I didn't want to get on  party bus... it might be dangerous depending on where tehy go and where I end up.



Last day at Kelly's essentially so I woke up and played in the park again.  After missing out on some cuff-links the previous day we went on another search (Besides mandy needed more beads).  We headed to Moore's and they only had a set for $20.  They suggested I go to Harry Rosen.  And they did have some nice ones.  Nothing EXACTLY like I wanted, so I didn't want to spend $200 on a set that I sorta liked, so we headed back and bought Moore's' $20 set.  After that we were in search of Kelly's famous pancake place.  Apparently they stack 'em so high with all the toppings.  We found it cater-corner to the old Maple Leaf Gardens.  It had no hint of being a superb pancake place besides the name "Daybreak".  But when Mandy decided to order the blueberry pancakes they lived up the story.  Kelly had ordered chocolate chip the time she went and it was ALOT.  The blueberries were no less.  The rest of the day we spent at Kelly's BBQ-ing some of Mandy's chicken and corn on the cob.  And we went to get some candy from Sugar Mountain and some ice cream from Ben & Jerry's (yummy!).  Then Kelly played with Mandy's hair for practice so she could do it before we got to the wedding. 



We woke up pretty early this morning so that we could spend the day on the subway getting to the hotel.  Hopefully to check in...  Luckily enough we were able to get in before noon.  Just enough time to get in a quick lunch at the Swiss Pick and then a nap before we had to get ready to go.  After the nap we got all gussied up and called a cab.  We couldn't have had a funner ride.  His name was Jag, and man he was hilarious.  We talked, he made comments to the other passerby's and even gave us some sweets.  MMmm... Indian Almond Sweet.  I think he meant to only give us a taste, but we ate the whole piece.  Heh.    Then it was Kate & Stu's wedding:

Man it was warm.  But I looked good!  Really, it was a great night.  Mandy and I enjoyed ourselves!  She even got plenty of flowers.



This was a long day.  Check out was extended until 12, but we still had roughly 5 hours before we had to be at the airport.  What do you do when you have 5 hours to kill?  Go to the mall... when you exhaust yourself there...?  You go to the Casino.  We headed on down to the Woodbine.  We had the fabulous buffet [hey, it killed plenty of time], looked at the horses, and decided to spend some money.  Being as frugal as we were I gave us each only $20 to spend.  Mandy put hers into a machine and 2 seconds later it was gone.  Apparently if you push "15 lines" and "5 per line" that pretty well goes through that money quickly.  Mine lasted longer than that.  Not MUCH longer, but longer none-the-less.  Anyways, we eventually gave up and went back to the hotel to kill some more time.  I felt so bad when the shuttle driver drove us to the hotel that I realized I was out of cash for a tip... so we jus tmade a hurried dash to the gate.  We still had a few hours to kill yet ... eventually we made it home.


Man, I was tired!

now to enjoy some time off... oh, right, back to work.

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