Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The past few days - should I buy a scooter?

So, since the TO trip, what has gone on?


Not much, same ol' as usual.  Been at work... hanging out.


Rory and I have been working on setting up Pachelbel's Canon for the pipes.  Should be cool, but it's gonna be hard.


Work has been... well I'm getting used to the place.  And it's getting really busy too.  Still gonna have to get all those assignments up and running so people will be self sufficient for running.


My dad and I went canoeing at Hazelwood as well.  That was pretty fun.  Since I couldn't go fully camping, it was nice to just practice my the canoe skills.


Ray's back in town - and we went on a neato 'double date' with her and Doug and we went mini-putting at Kingsway.  It was pretty fun actually... despite how i was in last place.

White River is this weekend (look for the update later)...


Oh, and I'm thinking of buying a scooter.  MMmm... the Yamaha Vino should be awesome!  But it's a little more than I expected.   What do you think?


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  1. Go Vespa or Go home! But seriously what do you need a second vehicle for? Shouldn\'t you be thinking house first?  You need a place for all those little ryanlings or mandylings to run around :D