Sunday, August 27, 2006

Things I learn

So, who ever said "you learn something new every day" was so right.


Let me fill you in what I've learned on some of these days:


  • The other day I learned that you CAN ACTUALLY contract tourrett''s syndrome.  Well, maybe not 'contract' it, but you can have it develop in you.  Apparently it's soemthign to do with a spinal injury and the way it goes to the brain or something.

  • Today I actually learned 2 things:

    • Bangs:
      What are they?  As it turns out, bangs are the locks of hair that hang in front of your face [bangs... sounds like hangs?  coincidence?]  A quick search in wikipedia shows that it is another term for the 'fringe.'  Enjoy the picture.
      Teenage male with a long fringe.

    • Cowlick:
      Another hair thing... this is a piece of hair that has it's own ideas of non-conformity.  I've lived with it and not known what it was.  I would just hear the barber/hairdresser go "oh, you've got a cowlick" and then they keep on working.  Is it detrimental?  Well, I've lived with it without even knowing about it really... but then you've seen my hair [btw - the pic below is NOT my hair]
      A double cowlick with two counter-rotating spiralsthis is an example of a 'double cowlick'

What else have i learned?  Well, I'll keep you updated.  In the mean time, here's what info the canoe trip has garnished for me:

  1. ALWAYS pack rain gear.  Trust me, a hoodie is not going to help in a HEAVY wind.

  2. Pack a fanny pack.  They look ultra gay, but they're ultra handy.

  3. longer boat = more speed

  4. Bring plenty of 'biners.  You can always find uses for them, and if not, they can just hang where you clip 'em.

In the mean time, I find a good place to learn things is:   Trust me, you'll find it cool too

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