Friday, September 2, 2005

Dude, I'm a teacher.... !?!?!?!?

So, I think the realization is starting to seep in. I'm a teacher.  Guess it sorta happened when I got my keys today.  I'm teaching in a few more days.  I've been steadily procrastinating on setting things up and stuff.  What I mean is I've got a few days' worth of lesson plans sort of ready, but the whole SETTING stuff up... I've never STARTED a class before.  I've come in part way through, or finished up.  But these classes are MINE... I've got to set the pace, etc... And no better day to start things off than the first day.  And I have NO CLUE how to set that sort of thing up.  Just dancing around the idea of what to do the first day.  I sort of have an idea on what to do 2nd, 3rd, even the 4th... but the 1st.  Yoiks...  I dont' really want to TEACH something ... hell, it's their first day.  But I can't kill an hour of just me shootin' the breeze about the course.

The other thing is the fact that I've got to teach LAW.. yah, LAW... go figure.  I've had NO run ins with the law, WHATSOEVER, so my experience is ... nil.  Well, I do like Law & Order.  But that's American Law, so I apparently shouldn't be using it in the class.

Hmm... I'll bring in a pic of my office as soon as I take one.  Wish me luck


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