Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Day one... done... day two - dreading

I think Mandy put it best, I'm second-guessing myself only because I'm actually there now and I'm a little nervous.  The first day was ... long, and I didn't even talk to anybody really.  We had a Social Studies meeting and it was... spooky to say the least.  I'm not sure about this law class.  They've posted the class at least, applications due in on Monday.  Not sure if I should apply...

The math stuff looks pretty easy, just appears as tho' I have shitty classes.  Grr... stupid kids.    The math dept looks really good.  So that shouldn't be a problem.  Can I get away with just teaching the math... should I let the law class go?  Should I suck it up [as Rory puts it] and just get through it?  It would be a nice feather in the cap.  But I'm hesitant still.

Then there's the whole Sears thing.  I've got a few days off I need as well.  One saturday this month, one weekend next, celtic bash... Will they back off because of my schedule?  I'm geting pretty used to having the last 2 weeks off...

Being a grown up sucks sometimes! 


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  1. Welcome to the real world teaching. If I recall you were the one telling me to suck it up! Now you see the challenges eh there buddy? Yeah do you know what my stress level was like the first week I was teaching? Let\'s just say my Blood pressure was on overload for at least a week! But seriously! SUCK IT UP! You\'re a full-time teacher!!!!! You know you need and want this! HELLO MONEY! HELLO HOUSE! HELLO FAMILY! HELLO BEGINNING OF LIFE. Aren\'t you tired of living in limbo?You have NO IDEA how lucky you are. I would desperately love to have a job in Tbay that would pay me enough to be self-sufficient that I loved. Don\'t you be wimping out now! I\'ll come home and kick your ass! You wouldn\'t let me quit and I sure as hell won\'t let you quit!I\'m watching you so you\'d better stick with it!