Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have an interview - a thank you - lost property returned

So, I have an interview for the law class.  It's getting better, I'm starting to feel like I'll actually take the course, if offered.  I had my friend Brandon come in and do a guest speaker thing.  Man, he was amazing.    I'm still a little irked over how much I'm having to work every night, JUST to keep up.    With the other classes, it's a little tiring.  Today was pretty cool.  The students gave me a few complements, maybe they just want me to stay because they could get somebody worse... who knows.  Just it's another interview... I hate interviews.  I hate not having a job.  Having Jarron mention kinda frustrates me.

The other thing I need to mention is I do have to THANK Jarron.  He filled out, yet another, reference check for me.  He let me see it after he filled it out.  And, man, it was alot of good stuff.  Thanks Jarron!! 

Last, but not least, my piece of missing property from White River has been returned.  It was hidden in my pipe bag when I came back, so I will just as anonymously not acknowledge it.  But, thank you! 



[I need more pictures, don't I?]

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