Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ow, my ears hurt.

Okay... wow... brutal performance yesterday.


It was Westgate's graduation and we had the band all tuned up and ready to go.  I'm at the tail end and as we get on stage and start forming the U, I forget my place and stop while trying to maneouver around a piano.  Apparently that (or something to that effect) caused nearly all of my side of the pipers to stop and play something different.  I literally had to tug at the sleeve of the guy next to me to get him to stop.  ugh... hideous.



anywhoo... what else is new and positive.


the pipes scenario sounds interesting, apparently they might be pretty old.  Just need to find an appropriate chanter to work with them.  Maybe I'll get Dylan to bring his small pipes chanter some night.


Dean had his first swimming lesson on Monday.  That was kinda neat.  Got to see the Lockyer kids again (well, Mac and Emma at least).  Dean didn't cry or anything during it - so hopefully it's a positive thing for him.


Rain's back!  So I'm gettingused to not being in the office anymore.  Kinda feel lost for a bit here.   Hard to let go I guess.


Oh, well, I'll keep you all posted - I'll be putting up pics of Dean in the water soon... hopefully.  So many small projects to go over lately that i'm slowly finding out where to start... weeds / lawn / steps / pipes measuring / painting / vacation time / etc...