Friday, April 25, 2008

Dad's retirement survival kit

So I mentioned in the last blog about my dad's retirement... and if you look in the pics, you'll see his gift basket we put together with his survival kit.  Here's what it contained:

• Scissors
  o To cut up all your ties
• Sanity preservation parcel
  o Flip flops
  o Gardening tools
  o Patio light (to garden at night)
• Chocolate
  o To help keep your energy up
• Home repairs book
  o To keep yourself feeling useful
• Retirement Income Program (see manual)
  o   1 cup
  o 10 pencils
  o 1 pair of dark glasses
  o 1 cane
• New jogging shorts
  o The neighbourhood all helped pitch in for these
• Glossette Peanuts
  o Those peanuts you’ve been working for, for all these years
• Rechargeable batteries
  o To help photograph all the places you’ll visit

Retirement Income Program Plan
1. Find a nice street corner (the busier the better)
2. Put pencils in to the mug
3. Put sunglasses on
4. Rattle mug as people pass you by
5. Use cane to help increase sympathy
6. Say “God bless” as coins are dropped in
7. Refill pencils as needed

The shabbier your clothes are, the better

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