Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day Long Weekend at the Moore's house

So, after surviving the many birthdays week (Dean's, Margaret's, Mandy's, Greg's... sheesh these Knauffs and February... what happens in May?) we settled down and tried to resume the normal course.  Which was hard as Mandy's now back to work and that means extra shuffling about to get Dean to the various 'daycare' centres (i.e. grand parents homes).



Well a week or so of that and it was time for the first long weekend since Mandy's been back to work.  A new holiday which has taken on extra meaning for me.  See, last year they brought it in, and it was the first time that we were a real family, so it was really special.  This year was pretty cool too.  Here' s how the weekend went:


Friday at work, I spent the day making Mandy a Valentine's day card.  I picked up some popcorn and ... can't remember what else.  I got Mandy's Valentine's gift the other day (funny story on that:  I bought Mandy Raving Rabids 2... I wanted to get 1, but they were out of stock, so I grabbed 2 instead... turns out, that's what Mandy got me... so it worked itself out in the end).


Saturday (Valentines) - Mandy had to drive her dad to the airport at 5am, and then works at 7 and I tutor, so I get Dean off to my folks and then when I finish up I do some shopping around (still didn't find anything that made me go 'wow') and then Dean 'n I played at the house for a bit and I got it all cleaned up so Mandy could have a good 'me time' when she got home from work.  Turns out she didn't want to relax, so I ended up sleeping the evening away.  [so I used part of my wife's gift for Valentine's Day].


Sunday - Mandy worked again in the am, and I went to church with the li'l guy.  When we got home we cleaned up some more, so that this time Mandy could take her nap.  It wasn't the intention at first, but then she did nap and was out for a few hours.  When she woke up it was like 3 hours later and I had pancakes ready for her.  We stayed up that night to watch GET SMART.  Not bad... not GREAT either.


Monday (Family Day) - we woke up late and enjoyed some breakfast (made by yours truly).  Then Mandy had the idea to make handprints out of that salt-flour-dough stuff.  Turned out not too bad (See the pics).  Though it was hard to put Dean's hands in, and he started to cry, so his aren't nearly 'indented' as ours are.  Mandy had to go to work, and then I started on my first ever pot roast.  Not too bad I must say.  However... I missed where it said how much water was needed so I just used how much the onion soup mix needed... luckily I misread the 4L for 4cups... and then the recipe said I only needed 1/2 cup... so I overshot... but not by that much.


Dean's in bed now... finally (as much as I've enjoyed my weekend with him... he's been really whiny lately).  Mandy's not home for a few more hours.  Get a few minutes in on the Wii... and then it's the short week for me!  What sucks is that the short weeks feel like the longest ever!

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