Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keepin' y'all up to date

So, I know, it's been a while... seems to be my opening line on this thing for way too long.

Anyhoo... what's been up?



I've added another 'title' to my ever growing list on my resume.  I'm now on the occasional list for the Lakehead Adult Education Centre.  Which is cool, as I think my days at Scholars are done... haven't had a call in forever.  I think they've written me off.  Oh, well.  So we'll see if this could be a good thing or not.  I mean I do need to keep my 5 days in order to keep my name on the list.

What else... band is getting more and more demoralizing.  Less and less commitment coming from the members, and to top it off my work is starting to ask me to attend things on Thursdays, so it looks even worse when I'm not there.  There hasn't been any real 'netting' from the recruitment drives.  That's kinda died off as a whole venture as well.  *sigh*

The jackets are ready for ordering -- maybe that'll help.  That and the appreciation night coming up.

Work is getting cool.  Did the first trip to the region -- Pic River.  There was a career fair that I was asked to attend.  It was good.  Very cute as grade 1s came around and some 'interviewed' us.  Dave came with me and he did his LU stuff... made for a good trip.  Except for the speeding ticket in Marathon.  Oh, well... I was speeding, can't fault the officer for that.  And the chinese food was good.  Met a couple of the employers, we'll see if anything comes of it.

Outside of that, my 'future' there is starting to take a little better form.  I'm becoming a bit of a celebrity - they sent a camera crew up to do a 'day in the life of' kind of shooting for a video that'll be shown at the conference at the end of the month, and one of the employers I nominated won an award, and so they sent up another film crew to make a video for their award ceremony, and the employer wanted me to be a part of it.  So I'm getting to see these free-lance film producers.

Ben had his 1st birthday over at Gammondale's farm, so Dean and I had a chance to go and hang together there.  I tempted fate and didn't take any allergy medication and I'm still paying for it.  Guess I am allergic to horses.

For an April fools joke, mother nature has decided to bless us with more snow.  We were having amazing days lately.  I almost ditched all winter apparel.  But here and there it would snow... we had some really bad ice days (when I went to Marathon and passed by Schreiber all their hydro poles were iced over.  Awesome-- deadly, knowing they lost power for almost 2 days --but awesome).  So it was warm weather the past few days, and then last night it started to snow a little.  I woke up to barely being able to open the door.  It was apparently a single day dumping record since 96 or something.   Anyways, I knew it was worth getting the snow blower out for.  Got it started all by myself and my lovely wife decided to put up photos.  Over an hour of blowing to get the path free, and then the car was still stuck getting out of the driveway.  I'm sooo stiff right now... I could use a bath.  Made for a long day at work.

Dean survived his first real 'injury'.  He apparently fell today and Mandy took him to the hospital.  He's fine, just bleeding a little.  He's got some scrapes and a heck of a bruise... but chicks'll dig it.  :)  On the topic of chicks... he had his first real hurt from a girl.  "Bully-anna" is going through her 'mine' phase and as such when Dean wanted to play with her toys, she subsequently pushed him, which he didn't take too well.  Get used to it boy!

Don't know what else to say right now... enjoy some of the pics; check out; watch the band at Folklore Festival... oh, that's right.  Speaking of band... been doing a great amount of piping gigs lately.  Did a funeral in Grand Marais for some easy US coin, did a SIMPLE gig at Naxo's for a bday party and heading out this weekend for a wedding in Coleraine (well, Grand Rapids really).  Wish it meant that I was rolling in the bank, but it's not.


Since we're on the topic of 'bank' I do have some $ coming in slightly... so I could splurge.  I haven't in a while.  Bell was offering the Palm Treo Pro for only $50 for slightly less a month than what Rogers is charging me.  Almost did it... but I'd hate to sink into the Pro for 3 years with the Pre coming out shortly... sure maybe a year or 2... but then I wouldn't be able to get it until my contract was up.  Hrmm... decisions decisions.  Back to scouring ebay maybe.

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