Friday, July 8, 2011

Minocqua "weekend" [46/58]

So, what a "weekend".  I say it with the rabbit ears as it wasn't really a Saturday/Sunday ordeal, but a Monday/Tuesday one.

Anyways, nice little drive down.  What was really nice was that this year we decided to have all the cars meet up at one place first, and THEN drive down.  Caravan it for all of us.

So, we take off and about 7-8 hours later we arrive in Minocqua.  Such a nice little town. Fair number of places to choose from to eat for such a small town.  I enjoyed having played for a quick little wedding celebration the night before we left, so I ended up having some coin.

The trip also forced me to clean up the car and ensure I had room for a cooler so that I could grab some breakfast.  Apparently it's becoming predictable at these trips that I'll have yogurt and blueberries for breakfast.

Well, the first night was a good time with the gang.  Just enjoying the comraderie of a band.  We ended up using google's talk/dialer to call Brandy and sing her the "towlie" song [gotta be careful how I word it, once Live refused to post the actual name of the song].  We also "pamela'd" Erin... tho' she didn't pick up the phone, so I'm sure she chuckled in the morning to her voicemail.  We even made it to a local shop to enjoy the last few minutes of the night downtown.  I played in the streets for a little bit before the police reminded me of the time, then gave me a reprieve of 30 seconds to play one last bit.

Then it was the day of the parades.

We did 4 that day.  It's nice to get a lot in one day to make the most out of the trip... but man, by the last parade I was starting to feel a little funny.  Eric had to step out of one too.  Graham I think enjoyed it, as he had lent Peter his uniform (because as Pete tells it, Carole forgot to pack it for him). We've had guys forget pieces, even kilts before, but never a full uniform.

That night we played only a little bit as most had to return to work the next day so it was pretty subdued; however, we did have a great time (despite someone attempting to steal a set of pipes).

All in all... AWESOME weekend. Tiring, but awesome.

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