Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mandy's 35!

So, Dean turns 4, and a week later Mandy hits 35 (Grandpa Greg turned... something... the day before).

It was a good day. A long day, but a good day.

It started out with a 630am event with the Mayor and then a normal day at work.

We get home and we start deciding if we're going out to dinner.  We decided on 5 forks.  Not bad.

Then I get to show Mandy my gift.  Which prompted her to tell the story of Dean's gift to her.  I have to share this with y'all.  Because we were talking today at work about 'what did Dean get mommy?', and after we were at the open house for the school and Dean had to make a 'prize for Grandpa's birthday, and he picked out a great gift for him and Grandma.  So I felt bad that I didn't take Dean to go get Mandy something...

...but she took care of that.

They went shopping today for other things, and while at Zellers, Dean grabbed some necklace off the shelf and threw it into the car saying "DON'T LOOK MUMMY, THERE'S A 'PRIZE IN THERE!".  Apparently he wouldn't even let her near the cart to see.

When they went to the check out, she put everything but what Dean had on the till and then turned to Dean and gave him some money to purchase what he chose.


Would love to have been there.  I don't know when he gave it to her, but that's just a sweet story.

What a kid.

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