Sunday, February 17, 2013

You missed Dean's birthday... might as well get you caught up.

How can I have not written about Dean's birthday?  Man... signs that I'm truly busy.

Work's been stressful and just jampacked, so that when I get home I have very little time these days.  That and I'm trying to make the AC blog work.  Just ... anyways.

Dean's birthday?  Awesome time.  We had a marathon session of cleaning for like 3 days to get it ready as Dean HAD to have it at home.  So... 13-14 kids or so all jampacked in our house... we needed to have it sparkling.

Mandy made an awesome 'pin the tail on My Little Pony' and a cutout for the faces of Mario / Luigi.

I think the kids had a blast.  I know Dean was excited to have all his friends around.  Dylan's mom forgot and she called right after and said how sad Dylan was that she didn't go, so Mandy invited them to come over the next day, which was when we were having the 'family party'.

Yeah, he had 2 parties.  You know how many gifts he got?  Let's just say that 2 weeks later we still haven't opened some of them up.

Dean and Dylan posing (I don't think Dylan quite understood how it worked)

Might as well get you caught up on the rest.

Mandy's birthday was fun.  We went to go see Identity Theft and ate at the Tokyo House.  Yum... sushi!  Then there was Valentine's day.  I had Mandy's gift all ready, and Dean made her a card.  When I thought she was going to be surprised she turned the tables and turned out she made both Dean and I some toques.

Awesome stuff... really!

What else... Oh, on Valentine's Day my dad had some check-ups and turns out his colon's good now, and clear, and the CT scan has said that there's no more cancer!

I feel great for that.  I want to say relieved, but there's a part of me that's holding on to 'skepticism' because... it's the big C.  I don't want to be deluded that it's gone for good.  I know it could come back... but it's gone for now and really it's awesome.  My dad's over joyed and can't wait to get active again.

That's about it for now

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