Monday, March 25, 2013

Remember when weekends were for relaxing?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  But, there was a time when we once used to spend Saturday and Sunday in pyjama pants the entire time.

You'd work on maybe something small, or big, but it was something you REALLY enjoyed, so it wasn't work.

Nowadays, as we've "grown up" there's "responsibilities".  I'm not bemoaning them at all.  But there are times I'd wish I could go back to not worrying about putting on pants.

This past weekend was awesome though.


  • Piping at the United Way Dodgeball Tournament at 9am (oi, early for a weekend)
  • Shopping with Dean for Ben's birthday present
  • Dean going to Ben's birthday party at Gammondale's
  • Dean visit with my parents as they were watching Peter and Wilson


  • Pick up Dylan for 830am
  • Take Dylan and Dean to the Easter Bunny breakfast at the Moose
    • good fun, not bad pancakes, bake table and well, the kids got to see the Easter Bunny because they didn't want to get close
  • Visit Cookie to install a new router
  • Take Dylan and Dean to Vanderwee's for more Easter fun
    • They had a craft of making a cup to grow grass and a popsicle stick egg/chick thingie
    • Easter egg hunt running around the store finding taped on eggs
    • Fudge!

It was a lot of fun. Dyl and Dean get along so well and it's hilarious watching them fun.  Plus the amount of sugar they had that day probably shouldn't have been allowed.

Maybe next weekend I'll 'relax'.  It was worth it this past weekend to delay that relaxing.

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