Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flinging @ the Foundry

So a while ago we thought up to have a 'fun event' some time in between the Holiday lull and the heavy parade season, and I've had the idea of a 'spring concert' on the back burner for a while.  That idea never happened, but we decided on "Fling @ the Foundry".

Something a little fun.  I broke the band up into 3 groups to play at different points in the afternoon.

Just the right groups and the right amount playing.

When we were discussing with the Foundry we were imagining 50-100 people showing up.  Dane commented that "if (we) got 100 people, you could come back every week!".  Well, I think the bartender, Josh, counted something like 250 at one point in time.  Yoiks.

Who knew we were this popular!

(I'm not sure if the 'sphere' of the photo translates through blogger or you just get a wide angle looking shot... if so, here's a link to the 'sphere' [mirror 2])

It was the first time that Charne and Will played with the band.  Will is only 11, and Charne also played her last performance :(

(forgive the sound quality... cellphones aren't meant for such noisy instruments)

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