Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Ramblings

So what's happened since last time that's note-worthy.

I hate my job at Sears, but it's easy enough to stick out for a while longer... hopefully somethign comes from teaching in the fall and I don't have to look back.

Not much really has happened.  I worked out mandy's anniversary gift I think.  I hope she's not too mad that I'm out of town for it.  I do feel bad over it.

I've started work on teh slideshow/dvd of the camping trip.  It's starting to take a life of it's own on now.  Kinda scary.  Release date... TBA.  Tentatively a week or 2.  Hoping nothing else pops up.  It's beeen such a busy week.  What, with the car, my broken permanent retainer, 10 day stretches at work.  Grr...  This weekend should be a nice release.  READY TO PARTY!

Hmm... what else.  OH YEAH

So I've gotten THE uber stereo comment the other day.  Any audio-nerds out there remember the ad that polk had in the magazines?  It was a 2 pager, with one page one half of a duplex and a little old lady looking out her door to the other side.  Other page was the other half with a sorry looking dude and 2 police officers.  I had tha thappen.  Ror came over to watch Constantine with me and we had the windows open 'cuz it was bloody hot.  By 2am there was a rap at the little window.  I thought it was like Chris or sometbody wanting in.  "It's the cops" is all I heard.  Apparently neighbours 'across the way' are complaining of the loudness.  Awesome!

Let's hope mandy doesn't notice my 2 new speakers [replaced my older smaller ones].  Should get more attention from the cops now!  Not really.  Same power, just taller and slimmer.

Just got an email from Don, saying he's in town.  Which is very cool.

Last point... if you're a student, or ex-student of mine.  Please... please, do not think that if you see me in the mall you're entitled to HANG OUT with me.  Stupid grade 9s. 


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