Monday, August 1, 2005

A pipe band trip and an anniversary - all rolled into one weekend

So, since I've last added...

We went on, what will now be referred to as the NUTBURN trip.  The trip was to a town called washburn and then on to Butternut.  It was a good trip.  Just felt all guilty all weekend because it was on my 1st anniversary.  It's a long story, but I was given permission to go.  [Mandy had used up her vacation time, so we couldn't go anyplace, so I went].  It was a good time.  Pics to come.

Started out by a LONG [or at least felt like it] car ride.  Actually it was preceded by the fastest packing I had ever done.  [I told Jeff I'd meet him at 11... I woke up at 11:10 and hadn't packed yet]  And when we got to Washburn we couldn't get into the EMT spot because of some sort of social gathering, so we tail-gated in the parking lot for a few hours.  It was fun.  We got to hang out a fair bit this trip, and have some good 'bonding times'.  I have a few new nicknames, a few new bruises and a few new drinking games.  [Names now include:  Granpa, Shark, Great White Granpa and the Albino Rhino... don't ask, you had to be there].

Now I get back LATE on Sunday evening [my anniversary] and Mandy points out that the flowers I had delivered are old looking and I should get my money back.  We held our 'night' tonight [Monday] with the eating of the cake... 1 year old cake.  Not so good an idea as you would think.

So now it's all kind of a gross feeling.. and I'm going to bed.  Hopefully I can change my car service appointment, because they might be going on strike.  Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Nutburn! Hahahahaha! This is pretty neat, I wondered what the little star beside your name was for. Nutburn, ha...