Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another Harry Potter book down - and I'm single again

So... in keeping witht eh I've lost my ring... I'm not "bach"ing it again.  Girls, don't get too excited, Mnady's just dog sitting at her parent's.  In the mean time, I'm learning too cook and clean by myself.  As well, I've finished the last Harry Potter book.  Not bad, definitely an improvement from the last book.  But overall not as 'mysterious' or stuff like that like the first few were, where there were clues that could be tied in.  There were some, but it was more or less tacked on I feel.  What to read next?  I'm looking at either The DARK TOWER 05 [wolves of calla] or the 3rd in the Chronicles of Narnia book.  If only the Narnia books weren't so childish. OR, if only Robert Jordan would get off his ass and finish the next book.  Been waiting forever for that one.

What else to say... not much has happened.  Dinner with the folks for our anniversary and theirs as well at the Neebing.

My DVD production is finishing up and readying for final viewing, just need  ascan of the map.  I should call Todd so I can get that AND I need to getfrom him stuff for the math class next semester.  I can't believe I'm gonna be teaching.  It's gonna be so awesome!

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