Monday, August 22, 2005

Being sick sucks! - thank you brian

Okay, so last night I came home and thought I wasn't feeling 100%, so I went to bed early.  Brian had complained of some cold on the weekend.  I didn't wake up until almost too late.  I woke up early enough to drive Mandy to work and call Pete and cancel my chiropractic appointment.  But I went back and woke up roughly around 12, I had to work for 1.  I debated about calling in sick, but with recent developments at work, I thought it would be mean of me to do so.  So, I go in, late, and I barely lasted 3 hours before I got to pull to plug.

Then there was the bad news at work.  Ok, now I'm not sure that Cameron would want me to go into the details, but my previous MSN nickname made me seem like a total jerk.  It wasn't about him, but could be construed the wrong way.  I apologize Cam.  Our department is falling apart.

I tried to get some more sleep, but can't, so I'm just taking tons of drugs to keep me alive ... and now I have to debate about calling in sick tomorrow.  I could, but there's NOBODY to cover the shift, so I kinda feel bad.  But I'm sick... not much I can do.

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