Monday, August 8, 2005

A camping trip with NOTHING, STRANGE and WHAT

So we decide that we need to go camping some weekend.  Mandy thinks that inviting the Howie girls would be a good idea. I agree.  Just because i need any excuse to get out and enjoy the out doors.

So the day comes up and we head out.  MAN they packed alot of 'stuff'.  Well Jen did.  Apparently tehre was a miscommunication about what they were to bring.

So we get to the Sleeping Giant park and find our spot.  Apparently, just MISSING all the fun of the weekend stuff.  But we digress and set up camp.  Well "I" set up camp.  So we spend a pretty good time... uncomfortable night, good swim, me losing my ring, getting sunburnt, hiding in the shade, etc...

Oh, that's right -- LOST MY RING.  I know, totally STUPID of me to wear it in the lake.  It has NEVER fallen off before.  I guess all the sunscreen caused it to be a bit slippery [it was okay the first time we went to the lake].  Anyways, an EXPENSIVE trip to say the least.  So anybody who wants to help me find a new ring... by all means.  Or if you think you could find my old one... by all means.  Grr..

Other than that, it was a great trip.  I hope the girls [which, btw I've renamed NOTHING, STRANGE and WHAT - basically by what they said the most throughout the first day] enjoyed themselves.  We definitely want to go again!

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