Sunday, August 21, 2005

White River & a lesson in maturity

So it's a day late [white river was yesterday], but i was busy putting the final touches on the DVD from the Canoe Trip.  I'll post stuff about that later.

Well... White River.  Good times.  Bad drive.  The whole long route up Jarron and Brian just got obliterated.  Actually, Jarron held his own.  It was Brian who ended up calling God on the big white porcelain phone.  That was funny.  Loud too.  A good night none the less of just hanging out with some buds from the band.  Middle part was a little 'iffy' as the bottle cap wars escalated when somebody found out that I was collecting them.  I won't get into it, but I ended up hurting Erin.  I'm REALLY sorry  about that Erin.  Almost that alone caused me to call it off.  What did end it for me was the little prank/joke thing we had going rose [or fell is a better description] to outright theft.  Not of my stuff, but of Jarron's too.  And the manipulation to make people do the stealing too.  To me that seemed really childish and that coupled with the accidental hurting of Erin caused me to just call it quits.  I guess it was my lesson in maturity.  For that I'm grateful, and if all it cost me was my skull [that I had since I was 8], then so be it.  What else I enjoyed about the trip was that I got to use my Aztek tent again.  That thing is SOO comfy [when there's only one person in it].

What else.  Oh, the viewing of the DVD was today.  Went pretty good, the guys seemed to enjoy it.  A few weeks back I went on a canoe trip with Jarron, Regan, Todd and Rory.  It was  agood time.  I think I might post my 'post journal' [I wrote it when i came home] on here.  So I put together a DVD of all the pictures and put some music and made a whole DVD of the thing.  It was a lot of fun.


Well, that's about it for now... Not much else is sticking in my head.  Mandy wants me to go see off her sister at the airport.. her flight's at 7.  Mandy has to be at work for 7.  Which means a SUPER early wake up call for me.  GRRR... seeing as it's past midnight now, not sure I'm too pumped about it.  Definitely not pumped about me going to work tomorrow.  Grr..  But I'm going to go see if I can get into PACI, which will be good, 'cuz it'll sorta start off my teaching career for the fall.  that should help keep me in a good mood.


Ciao for now.


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  1. You collect bottle caps? I DO TOO!!! I have about 120 different ones. How about you?