Saturday, October 29, 2005

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

yeah, it's been a few days since I've written on here... My life's been kinda hectic.  Sleep has been little and too far between.  Last week was a real DRAIN.  So much to get caught up on.

First... Well, Trish's mom passed away.  That was a bit back now, but it was a real shocker.  You dont' know how to react... I mean, my reaction is probably a BAJILLION times less than what Trish herself was going through.  She looked pretty stunned.  It was good to see her out a few days (...5 or 6) at Pete's Party.  We talked... it was good to talk with her.  She sorta looked like she might have been able to move on.  Not saying that she couldn't, just it's good to see her dealing with it well.  I wasn't sure if I should bring it all up at the party, but when there was a spare second she leaned over and said how she really appreciated the card I sent.  To me, that was a sign th that was all she needed to talk about it for.  Glad she liked the card, I sat in the PACI parking lot minutes before the prayer service racking my brains what to say. Apparently it was good.

Secondly... made a few 'grown up' purchases lately.  That's how Mandy put it.  We bought a new bed... finally.  Finally get to sleep on something good.  Got it delivered today, and I put it together... it was fun.  Again, Armstrong didn't deliver a full order to this house.  When they didn't deliver the headboard/frame thing I was scared that it was Ikea all over again.  It got resovled thankfully.  And I also bought the HD+PVR digital box.  It's pretty cool.  REALLY expensive.  Mandy was pissed... I thought I had authorization from her to buy it, but only the HD version... not the +PVR option.  Oh, well.  But like Mandy said later that it was pretty neat to have some real grown up things.  The bed we have to climb into... it's a real grown up bed.

Thirdly... Cindy's dziadzu just passed.  So I imagine she's goin' through a rough patch right now.  Sending out to her family some regards.  I hope I can get a chance to make it to this funeral.

Lastly... I'm getting to go to a concert. A REAL concert.  Sure, Tea Party, Tragically Hip, etc... were AWESOME to go see.  But DAVE MATTHEWS BAND is playing in Minneapolis at a huge arena, so Jarron and I are going.  We were able to get the tickets from Eilidh who bought them, but she's now going to teh TO show.  So I'm giong to a concert!!!

After all this it's really gotten me to think that, indeed, I'm growing up.  Facing real issues here lately.  Making real decisions.  Career-wise things are sorta happening.  I've been watching Scrubs alot lately... and I'm kinda really identifying with JD.  The best part is the music on that show.  I've recently taken to liking Colin Hay.  The song - Waiting for my real life to begin - is just awesome.  It explains how I feel, and when they used it in the show they used it when somebody died.  So, I look through the stuff I'm 'blogging' about, and that song really sums it up.  I say look it up and listen.  It's great.



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