Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Effin' Christmas

Okay... try #2... this is not a good week for me.


This season brings about the worst in people:

 - school - people's attitutes are really starting to whine, the marking's really piling up

 - work - the crowd's are getting huge and the people are getting angry and the hours are getting longer


This all adds up to Ryan getting crankier and tired-er.  I don't think i've been sworn at more in a week than i have been this past week.  I don't mind it so much when high-school kids swear at me.  I'm a teacher, it comes with the territory.  But full grown matured adults?  Yes, just so you know people, it is MY fault that there is nothing left in stock less than a week before Christmas.  Yes, it is MY fault that people can't read advertisements...


1st there was teh lady who didn't know what TV she wanted, so she wanted the measurements of ALL of them.  After getting yelled at about how iwas purposely avoiding her, I proceeded to (obviously) not do what she wanted and start copying the sizes out of the catalogue she goes off...  I guess I was supposed to IGNORE the 30 other people around me and physically measure EVERYTHING we had in the store.  So much for efficiency.


Then the next people in line felt so bad for me that they didn't mind when i asked if i could go answer the phone.  This is the lady who couldn't read.  She sees the flyer... sees the price of the stand (which is in small print) misses the WHEN YOU BUY THE TV part (in big print) and sends her husband in.  I don't know about the offer, but I tell him that the CHEAPEST the stands go are half price when you buy the tv at the same time.  He leaves.  The wife calls and bitches at me about not knowing my sales and then when I point out to her that the flyer she's telling me about has in BIGGER writing a stipulation that you have to buy the tv to get that price she just goes off... I shoulda just hung up.


Add to that I'm now filling out my UMPTEENTH resume for the same board.  They need the applications in 2 days (they posted today).  So i have to decide which jobs I'm applying for SOON.  And re-use the same forms and applications I've been using for almost 4 years.  Jarron's getting tired of filling out reference after reference.


Sigh... somebody pass the scotch



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