Thursday, December 29, 2005

Families are there to drive you nuts

Man, want a good EFFECTIVE birth contorl device?  Try nieces and nephews.  They work ... at least I'm hoping so.  Families are truly there to keep you feelign good about yourself.  I'm glad the holidays are almost over.  Enough meals and friendly banter, and onto the truly great part about the holidays... the days off!


I've marked 2 of the 3 tests I mean to... and I haven't done any of the other planning I mean to do ... but I have another week left before I have to be back, so I'm not too worried!  I'm almost procrastinating... not quite, but close to it.  I think I'm just in shock with not having to get up in the mornings.  THAT IS A REAL TREAT!  Plus not working at Sears is a bonus.  I should just quit there, I'm much more at peace now without them ... we'll see what the new year brings.


Happy Holidays people (I'd say Merry Christmas, but it's already passed).


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