Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ryan Moore, you're starting to annoy me!

So, not for the first time is Ryan Moore starting to aggrevate me.

No, I'm not talking existentially, or referring to myself in teh 3rd person (tho', that does sound cool, I should do that more often!).

There is another Ryan Moore in Thunder Bay.

I found this out MANY years ago.  It was during a 'come and be slimed on tv' contest for "YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION" and the winner was a Ryan Moore from Thunder Bay.  It was kinda funny because at the time, the tv show was a little beneath our grade, so I was sorta made fun about it.

The 2nd run-in we've had was in grade 8, when our teacher, Mr. Travis, would read out any articles in the newspaper that contained students.  And he read this lovingly article in the "dear santa" section, about how this Ryan Moore was soo good to his younger brother that he really wanted a ninja turtle etc... again, not me, but nobody got that, so I got teased.

Fast forward now to a few years after uni.  I had worked hard, scraped up the money from LTOs to pay off my student debt.  It felt great.  Until I got a letter saying "dear deadbeat, you owe us money - signed some bank".  Took me forever to convince these people that I AM NOT THAT RYAN MOORE.  I had to send in my D/L etc... to do so.

Just the other day, my parents dropped off a letter in their mail addressed to me.  Which is quite odd, I haven't lived there in like 3 years now.  I open it, and it's a collection agency trying to get payment for a fine from teh City of Thunder Bay Provincial Offences Office for $25.  Now, the only fine I've ever had recently was that one with the fender bender (go back a few months to read up on it).  But it wasn't that, that charge was dropped.

So it takes a bit of calling both the collection agency and the city of thunder bay oto find out that, yet again, they are searching for the wrong Ryan Moore.  Again it takes a bunch of pieces of photo id for them to understand that i am "ME".  Suc a difficult thing to prove really!

The kicker is that when I sent my fax of my D/L to the city I noticed that my address was wrong.  I had never changed it when we moved.. oops, so I went down to the MTO place to get that address changed.  The double kicker was that it turns out my licence has expired!!  I apparently missed the expiry date... tsk on me.  So thanks Ryan Moore, you cost me $75!!!


[ps - is it license or licence?  I forget]

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