Monday, September 3, 2007

So much to get you cuagh tup on, I've just been lazy.

There's just been SOO much to get you all caught up on... I've just ignored the mounting task of trying to document it all.


There's the endless painting by my father-in-law.  The 100+ spiders I've been killing.  The joys of pulling weeds.  A new bike route.  Taking applications & diong interviews.  Rob & Lindsay's wedding. 

That last one I'm going to blog on it's own next.  I had to do the best man speech, so I've made sure I have a digital copy of it, and posted it on my soapbox page.


I'm still waiting to take pictures of the house... once the boxes are gone, I will.  I know ... you're saying "but it's been over 3 weeks."  I know... just give me some more time.  Still have to go look at real futons.


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