Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thoughts that shock me.

Ok, yes... even though there are no clamouring emails to ask where's the daily / weekly updates on your blog, I know my adoring fans are curious.

Yes, there's lots of things I need to catch you up on:  my house (don't worry, pictures are forthcoming - i just got it spooked up the way i want) / hype's ultrasound pics / halloween party / etc...  I WILL get to them, I promise.


But for now, I 'm going to use this moment to talk about what I really thought blogs should be about.  What goes on inside my head, and to give voice to the insanity that probably wouldn't have been raised via verbal communication.  So here's some thoughts I've had recently that have shocked me:


WEIRD - it breaks the "i before e" rule?  Why is that?  Maybe it's why I don't like English as much as Math... so much "whenever it suits me" rules.

QUEUES - normally, I wait my turn somewhere when queuing until the next teller or cashier is ready and I wait 'till they call me forward.  I used to think it so rude that somebody would go ahead and barge up to a window when it might not be 100% ready yet, what if they have to do some extra paperwork when the last customer left?  Somebody else might be available sooner too!  Even at Pete's, when I know a room is now open (a client just left) I wait for Tracey to say "ok Ryan, go take the yellow room".  Well the other day, for no reason at all I broke tradition... I saw that a customer had left a wicket and I walked right up behind her for 'my turn'... and of course, as karma would have it, she was officially OFF at that point and was cashing out.  I felt like a total boob.  Why would I break with my tradition?  Never break with a good tradition that makes sense and is polite!

HOME OFFICE - I started asking about my vacation pay at work, and when I should have to take it etc... questions I have never have even bothered to ask until now (a good year and a half later).  So I figured I'd ask Lisa.  She's great at her job.  And when she answered she said "don't worry about taking them before any specific time, they can accrue, so that if you wan tto take them when your wife is due, that's fine!"  Just struck me that a) I hadn't thought about taking them & b) she remembered the fact that my wife is due in the next year.  To me, that personal touch meant everything.  Thanks Lisa.  It was a good reminder that not always is the home office a faceless void where only policy statements and paychecques come from.

COSTUMES - so we decided to have a costume party the other day.  For some unknown reason I was really stoked for Hallowe'en (I might even dress up for work).  So I mentioned we should have a party to show off the costume I picked out - yadda yadda yadda - Brandy and Mandy organized a whole party at our place.  It went really well.  What made it really stand out was how people really got behind the whole "let's dress up" idea.  Peter's costume was very inventive.  Greg went all out.  Just kinda struck me by surprise.  Normally our friends are very laid back people, but this again flew in the face of the norm and surprised me.

HYPE - i'm sure I've mentioned my baby's nickname before (hype - hypothetical, also there's a lot of build up)... anyways, I just needed to mention that it's really sinking in on me as well that yeah... there's a baby in my wife's tummy.  I've seen for myself... well I've seen the ultrasound video.  That was very neat.  There was a brain, some legs and even a beating heart.  Really kinda blows you away, when you think about all that mechanical stuff that is needed for a baby, and it's going on inside of Mandy.  MY BABY'S GOT A BRAIN!!!!!


I think that's about it for now.

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