Monday, December 24, 2007

Year in review

I'm really sorry to you guys, i havne't touched this in almost 2 months.

So much to catch  you up on....

Bash - really cool / unfortunately not a cash cow this year... not even a cash goat.  but it's not about the money

Band elections - guess what?  i'm P/M with ror for another year.  Was neat actually, we started a survey monkey page to have the band anonymously fill out a questionnaire for us.  helped alot.  There was some interesting turn abouts at the AGM, some surprising, some not so.  it'll be an intersting year coming up.

... hmm, what else...

i'll check my palm

oh, cops are cheap - i did a gig for the OPP, took them a while to pay me.  first it was "oh, we'll have the money ready" then it was "can we pay you later" and it took some email tag to catch up with them, but they eventually did (dang, i was hoping they'd give me a couple freebie speeding tickets instead)

baby hype - of course I have to talk about my baby.  well, i got to hear the heart beat for the first time early this month... kinda cool... (not seeing the brain on the ultrasound cool, but cool nonetheless).  And it's really starting to hit home lately.  We have the stroller, the crib, some bedding, and other supplies.  The room looks like a baby's room.  Mandy's finalized the date she'd be finished work for her mat. leave... so i'm going to be a daddy, this house will become the home.  I'm so loving this.  Mushy i know... sorry.  But it really is the dream.  I had to go pick out some baby gifts for hype's sort of first christmas, and that was really cool.  I'm still really frightened, but it'll all be cool.

food, food and more food - so saturday was justin and karen's potluck... ate a lot... sunday we had the ptc staff party here (more food and eggnog), and then monday i had the student potluck lunch... not many people showed up, but those who did had tons of food... and I ordered alot of food too, so I was good and stuff so I couldn't eat when we went to Cookie's place tonight... oh my... then tomorrow's dinner at my parents then probably on to the inlaws, and then... man this season will totally undo all that biking i did in the summer.

postings - so the LBoE is putting the pool hiring up again, and my 2 years are up and i guess i'll need to reapply.  hrmm... i really don't know what to do, i mean i should just put my name in the ring, just in case... but PTC has really become a nice home lately.  I kind of enjoy not teaching bratty kids.  I do pull my hair out still some days, but still... my scare would be, what if this were the year that a position comes up and i get it?  i don't want rain to be out of a job... that would totally suck... and on the other hand, justin and crystal are also both applying, that'd suck to lose my team.  they've been so awesome this past year.  then Mike tells me that there might be a job available at LU for a chemistry person... hmmm.... i guess i have to do what's right for Hype right?  We'll just wait and see what opens up.


i think that's about it fo rnow... pictures of christmas will be put up soon... just too tired lately to really do anything enthusiastic... as you can tell my by my oh-so-frequent postings ...


happy holidays people!



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