Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years Party

I can never tell how to 'name' the new year's party... it's when 2007 changes to 2008, so does that mean it's new years 2007?  or new years 2008?  i go with New Year's '07-'08

okay, semantics out of the way... what'd we do?

well we went to Kris & Greg's new place and rocked out.

there was a Wii, a game cube (a game called GUN) - the best part about that was that we brought our small tv over to their place so that we could have both going at the same time.  which caused me to put the back of the tv through our screen door as we were leaving... argh (thanks brian for helping to fix it - i mean fixing it :)

there were persians with fresh icing you could dole out yourself..

there were crackers, and even a rousing game of yankee swap Gift with a bow (almost said yankee doodle!)

there was the unveiling the SUPER PIZZA Pizza, or adventure pizza... we haven't come up with a title yet.  esentially it's abuse of the Golden Bakery's unlimited topping policy.  Greg wanted them ALL.  I think it was missing a topping or 2 tho'

after playing some medal of honour game for a bit, we decided to watch teh ball drop... or their stove's time change to midnight Clock

aah, the fun we (greg, kris, adam, kelly, amanda, jeff [greg's bro] and I) had.

then, with mandy having to go to work the next day, it was time for us to leave (we're old and it was late Sleeping half-moon)

the next day followed the adventure pizza theme of last night as we decided where to go have that first breakfast of the year.  typically I'm a Hoito guy... except the Hotio was closed... and Scandhouse... and BlueParrot, and Joe's, and... we went to McD's, but they switched their breakfast menu just as we got in.

we settled on Chicago Joe's.

here's hoping 2008 will be good for you all, as the evening was for me!

check the pics out!

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