Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching up for January

So not much has really happened in the month of january... more preparations for baby.  Room is filling up quick.  Thanks Rain!

Mandy's seeing her obstetrician once a week now... I'm catching up on my reading (of the "What to expect when you're expecting"... Mandy's overnight bag is packed - everything's now up to the li'l squirt when it decides to come forth.


Other than that... that's my season thus far.  Band things are really gone down the toilet... nobody's interested anymore... it's a real drudgery.  But I can't dwell on it, I need to stay positive, especially since nobody else is.


Weird that it's the boys trip this year and I'm not going.  I mean I couldn't go anyways, just feels odd.  True enough it really wasn't my circle.  But anyways...


Work is... well work is work.  Nothing much to say there.  Getting prepared for baby is consuming my whole thought processes these days.


We spend the HomeDepot gift cards and bought some doos for the basement.  Greg came over and showed me how it's done.  Shoulda taken some pictures... looks really nice down here now.  I sawed the shelves in the laundry room in half and put them in the cold storage... so the laundry room is really ... roomy now.


My mom's gone off to be with my grammy right now... it's her 90th birthday in a few more days... hope she's home in time for baby.  Auntie Vi had me work on an old photo of grammy when she was 21.  Been kinda fun... almost motivating me to get out the camera again... almost.  Some day I will take it out and try again.  This having a house stuff sure is all-consuming.


Well I think that's about i tfor now... I'm going to head to bed early tonight... my back's really been bothering me (I'm afraid to make an other appointment for Pete in case i have to cancel last minute for the delivery.  Stupid I know).


'night all


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  1. We put up doors, not doos. Just to clairify. btw, white font and black background is very hard to read.