Saturday, February 2, 2008

arrival of the hype

So, in true geek fashion, I'm going to blog this event (just be grateful my camera's batteries died so i didn't take thousands of pictures).


Anyways, here's the story of the hype:

Mandy comes to my work to pick me up for like 3:30.  Justin stopped by and wanted to go for a period 6 (unwinding at BP).  Of course Mandy goes because she loves their virgin Pina Colada.  Plus, it's an excuse not to cook (turns out it was probably our best suggestion to date - thanks Jay!).  Before we head out, Mandy says that she's starting to 'hurt down there'.  Adding a "who knows" kinda thing.


Well, Bp goes off without a hitch.  Good salads, nice conversation, no dishes to clean up.  We get home and Mandy is now saying she really is starting to feel something.  So she calls the one person she trusts in this issue - Rain.  Rain says "maybe, call Telehealth" who then tell us to go to L&D.  L&D gave her the once over and said "could be it, rest up, and see us in the morning".  6 hours later Mandy said "enough of this" (back pain, feeling nauseous, etc...) that we went back to L&D at 2am.  This meant cancelling Mandy's game night with Kris & Doug.  She even turned down a phone conversation with Kelly (hard to talk through contractions). And there, they set us all up with people and a place to hang out.


6 hours later, he appeared.  5lbs 12.9oz the li'l boy was born.  It was a wild ride according to the doctor (who had a fun ride himself - he's from Windsor and cmoes to Thunder Bay for every other weekend - his plane apparnetly slid off the runway here in Thunder Bay and couldn't get to Toronto to get him)... anywhoo... somethin gabout baby upside down, something about cord around necks, something about bouts of low fetal heart rate, and about being a trouble maker... oh yeah, and mandy was discomfited.


All in all they were really proud of her (as am I) as to how she handled herself.  Baby's fine... batteries died just as I took the first picture.  Which is ok, the first picture he was really grey and wrinkly... nobody wants to see that.

Check the pictures I did put up.  When we have a name for this little hype, we'll let y ou know!


note - the pictures I took with my cellphone camera, so they're not so hot... sorry

cute li'l guy tho'... has more hair than anna so far!  and long fingernails...

okay, so his name really isn't hypebut you never knowhe's cute


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