Sunday, February 3, 2008

more about Hype and his arrival

so, in the telling previously I tend to gloss over a lot of stuff, but it's mostly because it's so fresh and so new, and so awesome, it's hard to remember everything... so I'm going to fill in some blanks, and put some anecdotes in there and see how that goes.


UPDATE - Hype is fine (and still unnamed), his blood sugar was a little low, so he's in the NICU for a little bit.  They're seeing if he'll take to some regular feedings.


So, Dr. Victory (the doctor that delievered) was supposed to be in earlier, but the plane he was coming in on, slid off the runway into a snow bank here in Thunder Bay and needed to be shovelled out.

When Mandy started to have contractions after we got back from teh hospital the first time we thought we'd start to measure them.  But, we couldn't find her Scooby-Doo watch (had a second hand to it) so I HAD TO go and get a program for my palm to time... Mandy was not impressed.

The cord ended up bein wrapped around Hypes neck 2x, plus he was upside down, so the doctor named him "trouble".

Mandy got 2 hits of fentenol (sp?) but later on when she asked about epidurals, the nurse said "yup we still give 'em..."  To which Mandy added on a few pauses later, "can I get one?"  and the nurse said no.  Mandy also asked about using the jacuzzi, and the nurse said "you have to pop out your baby first."  It was not going well for Mandy's requests that night.

Turns out that Feb 2nd '08 is NOT 90 years to the date after my grammy was born (just her 90th birthday party was that day, Grammy's birthday is the 6th).

When Mandy was pushing... she not only bruised my hand (I had marks... no skin broke tho... *phew*), she ended up gripping the railing so hard that even after it was all done and over, 20 minutes later when the nurse came around, she was still gripping it, and we had to pry her hands off the railing.  It took her a while to relax and untense her legs even.

Mandy was so tired after, when I bought her breakfast, she couldn't even finish her chocolate milk

mandy's so upset she couldn't finish her chocolate milk

Well, that's about all I can think of for anecdotes.  If you want, she's in room 162 at the hospital (still can't visit her, just give her a shout).

Below is a video of Hype crying.  First time I got to hear him cry (hopefully the last too).  Anyways... I got to calm him down eventually (held him and patted him until he burped like his mom).
Video: hype crying

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  1. Glad to finally see the photos of Dean. Good name by the way.  Glad you found one you could agree on that was nice and strong.  I looked it up to find out what the name meant and it was either valley or "chief of ten".  Alister is a good strong name too. \'Defender of Man\' that\'s pretty cool.  It is the Scottish form of Alexander hee hee.  Congratulations all round.  Enjoyed the recounting of the tale of his birth.  Glad to hear you didn\'t pass out or anything. :D