Friday, February 8, 2008


Say hello to the world dean
Say hello to the world dean

It's official, we're a family now.  With responsibilities and everything.  After last night's parenting room deal, they let us take him home and everything.  Take a look at the pics of us getting him ready!  The outfit was huge on him.


So we had him home for a bit, changed him a few times aleady and then we thought it's overdue that the grandparents to see him.  We had my dad come over at 6, and Greg and Nancy come over for just after.  Which also brought on the rest of the family, we figured they should see him as well.  So Sandi and John came over (and Kris tried to sneak in without being noticed), followed by Cookie shortly thereafter.  It was a whole Knauff affair... it was good tho'.  I think everybody's just in love with him.  I know I am.


Plus Dean has a whole new wardrobe, heck I think he has like 3 wardrobes now.  He'll not want for anything in this family.


So we changed him a few more times, let him pee on the old man, and put him to bed.


I'm downstairs now, just glued to my baby monitor (thanks Cookie)... boring as heck, but I can't take my eyes off of it.


We'll see how tomorrow goes!



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