Saturday, February 23, 2008

Having a baby means a lot of firsts...

So as I'm finding out, there's a lot of new things to get used to and learn as a new dad.  The general lack of sleep is much more daunting than I had expected, but as Mandy has said about the labour pains, it's a manageable thing.


One of the 'firsts' we had this past week was our first trip to the emergency.  Hardly 2 weeks out of the hospital and we're bringing him back in!  He ate a lot at one feeding and then started to spit up.  Which was sort of expected, but when it started to get to be a lot of spit up plus it turned a yellow colour we got worried.  SO we called Telehealth, and they said should probably have him checked out... so as the nervous first time parents we are we rushed on down.


That must have been around 1130 or so.. by 430am they said that he would be admitted and the doctor would get a look at him and the results first thing in the morning.  Turned out to be nothing, but in order to get this peace of mind we had to go through 5 hours of them drawing blood from him (and not just from his heel), an X-Ray, a catheter and an ultrasound.  All very disconcerting for Dean.  Disconcerting for me as well... i really wanted to punch somebody - making my baby cry so much.  OH, well.


At least we got that first out of the way and things turned out to be good, otherwise I don't know how I'd be right now.  When they first said there was the possiblity of pyloric stenosis and he might need surgery I was really frightened.


Another first was the first time we got to give him over to a 'baby sitter'.  There was plans to leave him with Lindsay one day, but Mandy didn't get enough sleep to feel rested enough to go out, so that got scratched.  But today we stopped by to visit my folks and we mentioned how we were going out to grab some food and take it home when they suggested they could watch him for a couple hours while we go out to dinner.  Oooh, dinner out without the kid... it's so "old couple dating".  But we were glad for it!  Thanks guys


anyhoo... enjoy some of the newer pics, I'll keep 'em coming.


Just wish I had anything real to report on these days, everything seems to be about Dean, nothing but Dean... all Dean, all the time.  But I guess I'm just still in that awe of being a new proud dad!  (I should get some more chocolate cigars).

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