Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to work

So, as of August 17 I’m back at work.  It’s been good.  For the first few weeks I just collected all the old information I gathered last year and did a huge email campaign to let everybody know a new school year was starting.  It started to feel a little like a telemarketer, or data miner as ended up doing like near a thousand emails.  It’s been a slow start, but it’s still a fun job.  Just a little bit of a headache this year contract/budget wise.  Nothing bad, just confusing when you have the Ministry’s point of view, the North Superior Workforce Planning Board’s (note the name change image ) and then take into consideration each of the board’s views (plus each of the boards have had some shake ups lately).

The school year started with a quick meeting with some of the board reps who told me outright that (tho’ not in the exact words) I’m not wanted by their board.  That’s always a fun start.  It’s just odd, because I didn’t get to be part of the school year start up last year.  Taking the time off in the summer has meant that I’ve got alot of catching up to do.  Several other P2Ps have surpassed my numbers over the summer.

The new year has also brought some good stuff too.  Devon’s put out the new Good Practices Manual, We’re going to have a Fall Forum in Ottawa – I’ve never been in Ottawa (as far as I can remember).  The Regional Career Fair has been moved timewise, so it’ll give me more time to figure out all aspects, and Pat’s staying on to help.

Should be a good go ‘round the whole year.

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