Sunday, September 27, 2009

My favourite Android Apps … (so far)

So in my search to transform my software needs from Palm to Android I’ve come across ALOT of apps in the Android Market .  Some are great, some not so.  In Canada, our Market is limited to only free apps.  So anything I want that’s paid I’d have to find alternate ways to get that .apk file and sideload it.

What I’ll cover here are some of the apps that I’ve loaded on to replace my Palm versions.

These are the most used on my Palm.

Palm Software Android version
there is an iSilo version, but I just didn’t like it compared to the way it worked on Palm, so I went with this  Works with TXT files, which is fine by me, but I’ll keep looking for something that’ll work PROPERLY with iSilo files as I have a huge database of books from my Palm.
checkbook for palm os ...

Only problem is that it can’t do automatically repeated items.  Maybe I’ll keep searching, but I love it’s simple interface.
 ... screenshot for AutoBase
Mileage (Android) screenshot 2
Browser (came preloaded)
Such an improvement!  Can’t wait for multi-touch to be allowed.
Core Player
13- برنامج core player
no such version… the video player works, but only with a small specific list of file types – I’m just waiting for VideoLan to come to Android.
Memos NoteEverything
haven’t really found anything to replace.  But then again I have my Zune to play mp3s lately.
Documents to Go
the same
Documents To Go
Your PDA toolbox!
Explorer, same name, but different obviously.
powerOne Graph 4.1 (for Palm ...
Haven’t really found a good replacement for graphing yet, but several good calculators.
The Weather Network:  Weather Eye
Mundu Messenger
it even allows me to log into Fbook chat
snapCalc unfortunately this is the one let down that I can’t have a similar program that pops up while in one program to do simple calculation.  This was indispensible on the Palm while entering some data.


Now I didn’t include any games.  Maybe I’ll do a separate review for games because there’s a lot of neat softwares out there.  Neatest thing about Market is that when you download an app and then there’s an update, it’ll tell you automatically to update.  Very cool.

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