Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting caught up

So a lot of egg on my face, as I did promise to try to post 2 per week, and here we are almost 3 weeks later without a post.
I'm going to chalk it up to the attestment of how busy/productive I've been.

What have I been doing?

Dean's started his swimming lessons.  That's been fun.  He's had 2 lessons.  The first one he was uncontrollably excited.  I got to sit back and watch him and Mandy go through the lesson.  The next week it was my turn.  Dean enjoys it a lot.  But if it were a regular class he'd be the special needs student.  I say that because there's 2 others in his class - one is older, and should be in a higher class, but I guess there's no room, so he stays in this and does what we do, just more advanced.  The other, his sister, has had to have been taking lessons for a while, tho' she looks younger than Dean, not only is she more talkative, in 2 languages, but expertly does all the tasks.  *sigh* who woulda thought that MY kid would be the slow on in the class?

Mandy just came back last night from a shag and has won an electric guitar, shirts, golf balls, a ton of grocery items, mini cooler, etc... can "shag prize winner" become a source of income?

What else?  I've been eye-ing up the job board recently in case I decide not to return next season.  Hasn't been a good week for me lately.  work's been awesome, it's some other factors I have to think about.

Speaking of work - had some good school experiences lately:
 - Met with the HR lady and discussed my application/status and how to improve.
 - got to go in early one day and get some practice time in with the new smart boards.  I was a little intimidated - however all it is is just powerpoint... easy peasy
 - with my work got to sit in on an SSL meeting and learn more about board roles etc... it should be able to help me find the right places to apply and learn more of the appropriate lingo.. i hope.
 - supplied for period 5 all week this week - much to the chagrin of a certain employer.  I had a great week and really showed me I missed teaching.  It's a real debate if I throw myself back to the supply list next year and a hard go of it.  I got to teach HTML and it was so much fun.
 - one of the days this week the school was doing a lock down training, kinda unsettling to get to the school, all the doors locked and then a police officer ask me what I'm doing there.  A little misunderstanding, but a good chance to talk to them that supply teachers need training too!
A kick in the ego-nuts was with the guy that I was waiting outside with had been on the supply list just over a year and had gotten onto the pool list - and he showed up to teach in like a leisure short set... *sigh*

Band's going well - looks like that Georgia trip might be a go.  The parade season is nearly full.  Can't wait for summer.

Rob's back in town -- I'll let him get reacquainted with family life then go help him where I can on the house.

My event at work is taking shape, just can't wait for it to be over tho'... so much small piddly work to pull it off.

Niagara this weekend will be a nice break from the hullabloo back home.

Mom's recovering nicely from her surgery.  She had arthroscopic lacroscopy?  She got her knee scraped out.

What else... you've seen the pictures from Dean's photo-shoot?

Still eagerly waiting the 2.1 update for my android phone... and 3g from rogers in the area.  I hope that the rumour that I heard that they want to eventually turn rogers in thunder bay to tbaytel...

I guess that's about it for now.  I'll post more as I remember.

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