Sunday, April 4, 2010


So it’s Easter Sunday and you get to pondering some of the important things now and again.

No, I’m not about to get out my soapbox and preaching or anything, but it is funny how a religious holiday gets ‘polluted’ with things like chocolate and wrapped items.  Just something for everybody to think about…

…now for the big leap.

I was pondering also about watching Matthew Broderick.  Mainly because I had just watched “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  What a great movie!  Always liked it.  But the funny thing that comes with age is the ability to nostalgize everything we used to watch.

It’s like watching an old episode of Knight Rider.  I used ot LOVE that show.  But watch an episode now and it makes you question whether you had suffered from a brain injury when you were younger.

But not with Ferris.  It is still a great gem.  But you learn to appreciate other parts of it.  Sure, as an educator I can’t say I condone this movie’s actions, but the theory is there.  When I was younger I loved all the gimmicks and stuff, but now I’m loving the genius of John Hughes and the ‘in betweens’.  All the small script set up lines that are in the movie that when I was younger you sorta glazed over to get to the hilarious parts.

I enjoy watching stuff and wondering “jeez, I betcha Matthew is regretting ever doing that scene” (i.e. the shower scene with the mohawk).  I also like noticing all the big names (or future big names) in the movie (Alan Ruck, Charlie Sheen, Ben Stein, Kristy Swanson), as well as the people that were big, but you really haven’t seen much from them (Jeffrey Jones, Edie McClurg [probably playing similar secretary roles somewhere], Louie Anderson??).

Good times.  we all wanted to be Ferris

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