Tuesday, November 30, 2010

15 Things

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I've seen this about and thought - I should give it a shot - try it out.

My mp3 collection is growing every larger (and I'm contemplating starting to rip older CDs, just to have an ultimate media library)... and as I load and reload my Zune or my new phone for music I often debate whether or not I'll listen to this song or that, as I often notice that I just skip over many songs hoping for 'that one'.  Kinda like old school channel flipping.

I'm not sure how this is going to turn out... I mean I've got some really lame stuff on there, full discographies of bands I really only like one song from, and I've got comedy included as well... should I just put the first 15 that pop up?  Or should I be somewhat selective?  If so, where do I draw the line?  ...  Hmm... raw data is probably the best.

Here goes: (let me just hit shuffle 10x to truly randomize the start process)

  1. John Mayer - Where the Light Is - I'm Gonna Find Another You -- see this is one of those instances that I don't know this song.  I got this album for like one track or 2.  Maybe it's a good song.  I'll listen to it until the ADD kicks in.  Not bad for a nice easy blues/jazz rhythm (which John does quite well - one of those players who makes playing sound like such an easy and fun task).  Okay, next... [got halfway through]

  2. The Mahones - Dragging the Days - London -- this is one I would probably just skip while driving... but I used to love this band.  Maybe I've overheard it.  On a lazy sunday or something I think I'd listen to this all the way through.

  3. The Tragically Hip - Day for Night - Inevitability of Death -- okay, a 50/50 for a chance of skipping.  Probably stick with it.  Love the hip... if you know me, you know that.  Slow start to the song, but a good driving riff a good 10 seconds in.  Also, has chorus part with the duet and Gord's great mixing of "what" type lyrics:  "but I thought you beat the death of inevitability to death just a little bit".  very catchy!  Thanks Hip for having your "song of the day" in my facebook feed.

  4. Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' -- man, do I take a teasin' for liking this song.  But I do like it... on the odd goofy dancing mood (very rare).  But a jazzy 70's disco pulsing beat can't be beat without wanting to move.

  5. Elvis Presley - Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits - (You're the) Devil in Disguise -- you gotta love the King.  But he's got too many albums, so a lazy listener like myself will just download the 'best of albums'.  I downloaded it mostly for 'posterity' and a couple of the classics, but really... all of these are classics.  Also, my ADD loves short songs.

  6. Feist - The Reminder - So Sorry -- another "I downloaded the album for 1 song" kinda disc.  The song is kinda meh... if I was doing house chores I'd leave it on, but otherwise -- SKIP.

  7. Creedence Clearwater Revival - BOX SET DISC 4 - Born to Move -- I'm not the CCR fan, but Mandy sure is (and her dad), so I downloaded this set for them.  And I do like some of their stuff, but this ain't one of them ... not that I hate it, just ... SKIP.

  8. Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together - Sandwiches -- RIP man... this guy was darn funny.  I love having some comedy interspersed in my listening to lighten my day.

  9. Diana Krall - When I Look In Your Eyes - Let's Fall in Love -- that Elvis Costello is one lucky dude.  Diana is good looking, plays a mean piano flawlessly and has a voice that'll melt your brain ... just love listening to her.  I've got a couple of her DVDs just to listen to her in surround sound -- and I even have her disc as a DVD-Audio just to hear her all the better.

  10. Coldplay - X&Y - The Hardest Part -- hrmm... yeah, let's just SKIP.  umm... okay, it's not so bad.  Again, I like some of Coldplay, but I'm really a bandwagon jumper on this band and haven't ventured out of the mainstream stuff to explore them.

  11. Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio - Square Wave in Unison -- now I love some of the Beastie Boys stuff... this, I just don't get.  SKIP

  12. Big Rude Jake - Big Rude Jake - Blue Pariah #1 -- this guy puts on a heck of a show.  He's big, he's rude and his name is Jake.  And he smokes a cigar.  Very cool if you like that swing fever that hit a few years back, but isn't the polished fancy big band stuff.

  13. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds -- like the King, you gotta have a discography of these guys; i think it's mandated by law.

  14. The Beatles - Help! - I Need You -- A lesser known tune, but "it comes with the package".

  15. Feist - Let It Die - Inside and Out -- hrmm... something I don't know.  I wonder how much of the 10s of thousands of tracks I have are stuff I don't know.

So, as an experiment of the 15:  9 are ones I would just skip over.  Noticed that not one of any piping or celtic music genre.  No Collective Soul, Dave Matthews Band, U2 or Tea Party (they make up the majority of my collection along with the Hip).

Maybe I should do this again and report on the songs I would listen to.

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