Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So... Fail

Yup, I've meant to keep up to date with my postings on here.  That hasn't really happened at all.

And here we are, now shunted over to wordpress for blogging.

I even "have an app for that" and yet it's not made me more prone to posting.  Maybe micro blogging is my media?  Maybe I am not meant to write my thoughts out in more than one sentence... Maybe I just have nothing to say?

I'm going to try to use this app some more... It's a little harder on my phone to really type things out, so they may just be musings, so you may miss out on my really good rants...
(you've missed the whole eclair for my magic, the demise of my magic, tbaytel debacle, amongst other work related ramblings).

Thanks for your patience.

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