Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 out of 11

Keeping up the ratio, whether it hurts or not.

So far it's 8 out of 11 days.  Which is good.  But I'm sore... which is bad... but will lead to good right?

I spent most of the weekend just 'recuperating' and getting as much sleep as I could.

It's supposed to rain today - be the first time I've taken the bike in the wet... hrmm.  As long as it's wet going home and not into work, I'm fine with that.

Maybe I should post my weight and see how it drops.  I really liked how last time (a few years back) when I biked that people who hadn't seen me in a while would comment "wow, you've lost weight".


  1. Congratulations on your dedication. Yeah, don't underestimate the value of recovery and recuperation. As a guy that's been dumb enough to pummel his body regularly with heavy things, I would give the recovery part at least equal importance.

    And there's my two cents!

  2. Thanks Chris - I slightly remember this feeling in the bones from when I used to do this. I remember in those days I would say "great, now that they're aching, it's time to feed them..." - i want to say protein, but i forget
    as long as i'm saving gas money and lowering the weight a little, i'm happy

    and yes, recup time is especially important