Friday, May 13, 2011

Bike fixin' - 19/25

One of the neat features I had liked about my Aztek when I bought it was the air compressor built into the back of the hatch area.  Kinda cool.  Especially handy as I have been able to use it often to fix flats; like that time coming home from the states and inflating just outside the line up for the border.

Well it's never worked 100%, at least as far as I can tell.  Always seemed weak, the light flashed a lot, and only would run for a minute or so.  But nobody could really say why.

Anyways, my bike was getting pretty low pressure, so I thought I'd go get some air for them, and where the car comes in is that apparently there's no place that offers free air outside gas stations.  50¢... you gotta be kidding me.  Like when I'm biking I have spare change on me!  So I went home to use the car.

So I uncap the valve stem and plunk the stupid hose on (it's a really weird one that lets out a lot of air as you put it on) and immediately it starts to measure it at 20psi and dropping (because of the hose), so I turn on the air.  Nothing comes out.  I spend a good amount of time trying to figure it out to no avail.  Meanwhile my tire is now at 10psi (it should be 40-65 it says).

I figure I can just go and run to the WalMart after band and pick up a bike pump (thought I had one too, but can't find it).  Lo' and behold, what used to be a 24hr store is now closed at 11.  Grrgh...

So there I was at 730 trying to figure out where to go (someone had tipped me off to a gas station that has free air pumps) and do so in a time that can get me to work.  Then the lazy side kicked in - instead of biking out of my way - today I'll pay the 50¢, and then pick up a bike pump later and find a new 12V air compressor for the truck (I definitely see value in having one in the vehicle).

Just made for a sucky morning.  Plus it was a lot colder than usual... and a pretty good strength sapping wind.

Oh, for those of you playing the tracking game at home, I'm officially at 19 days out of 25.

True enough I did bike EVERY day this week, but I'm docking myself a day as I biked TO work on Wednesday, but Mandy picked me up, then dropped me off Thursday morning, then I biked FROM work.  So I'm counting each of those days as a half day.

Still haven't gotten around to weighing myself... would be nice to know what I started at (I have a rough idea) and watch that progress.  But at this point, don't really care.  As long as I start feeling better (soon right?  I mean I'm still aching after biking) and I feel better about myself a number is meaningless right?

Oh, and gas is now up to 1.439/L... I'll put up with some leg cramps to save that wallet-ache.

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