Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trips are done for a season [61/76]

It feels weird having a Saturday/Sunday and not being on the road or getting ready to go. I'm sitting here on a Sunday and actually had the opportunity to be somewhat productive. Feels good after the week I had. It wasn't dull... Never is at the Chamber. But there was a lot of communication outwards and then some waiting for a communication return.

Anyways, week was good and next should be as well. No more piping responsibilities for a while. And it looks like we'll be able to get away for a quick family trip this weekend. It's the Day Out With Thomas in Duluth. Just there's no cheap hotel rooms around there, so it might just be a day trip.

Not much else to report on. Need to follow up with the City for my cheque from the gig the other day. I should make it a rule, cash up front. I like when Ed was able to pay me right away on Friday. Makes it so much less awkward.

Oh, if you haven't tried yet, go get the Steak and Spuds from the Wayland on Fridays... $8 well spent.

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