Thursday, November 24, 2011

+1 MAN points [109/149]

Okay, not just 'cuz of my stylish 'stache' ...

... it is pretty manly.
[btw thanks to Sivan and Michelle for donating to my mobro cause.  Practically strangers and they've donated -- have you?]

So, the +1 Man point?  Aside from being cool-ly linked the whole G+ thing and how they like to +1 'all the things'

Heh... i love me memes.

Anyways, no - it's because I cracked out the bike today.  Woohoo.  Not finished yet.

It was only -4C when I went out, and most of the snow was gone from yesterday's melt... just a little icy here and there.  And it's supposed to get to like +12C today.  So no excuse not to!

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