Friday, November 18, 2011

Was this the last week? [108/145]

So as the temperature starts to drop I've been asking the question a lot about when I'll be done with the biking thing.

Temperature wasn't so much the deciding factor as I've been starting to bundle up more and more. That wasn't too bad. However, on Tuesday there was a fair bit of almost frozen dew on the ground. That made it a bit slippery... Was a little dangerous.

Then I ended up driving for the next few days. During those days it has snowed and is continuing to snow. It's made me question whether I would be able to bike again next week... Or was this it? That makes me sad.

so, not only is the ground got slippery snow on it, but it's hiding the lanes... double danger
Oh, and btw - got voted in again as pipe major.  By acclaim... but still nice to be nominated I guess...  I can't tell you how jazzed up I am about the upcoming centennial.

What gets me is that I almost want to bike on purpose... not just because, 'cmon, let's keep going.  But, at a meeting the other day and it quickly degenerated into a 'we all hate bike lanes' bitch session.  Such a negative group of people.  Like I said before -- some people just need to be high 5'd... in the face... with a chair.  So out of spite, I'd like to just keep going.


Have I mentioned that the band calendars are now out?  Only $15

A definite must have.  Excellent work Eilidh and Jarron.

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