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2011 - My Year in Review

So, I'm promising myself that I will try to blog more this upcoming year.  And not just for but for myself as well.  It's really helpful with improving my writing, and just a relaxing experience really.

Plus, maybe it'll alleviate a plethora of G+ posts.  Well, maybe not, I'm also planning on removing my Facebook/Twitter integration, so I'll be G+'ing all the year, so only bits you may get to see, depending on which circles of mine you're in.

[I'm getting most of my dates and stuff via my Google Calendar, and from stats from my wordpress blog - which I've exported to this blogger now -- you can see a report here]

So let's go by the month (note, each of the months are clickable to see the blog posts):

  • Those of you who know me, knew that this was a particularly tough time, and yet exciting for me as I left the Passport to Prosperity program (which I loved the program) to embark on a new adventure with the Chamber.

  • I get to play a medley with the TBSO at the Celtic Cabaret, and learned a new piobaireachd to play on my own (MacCrimmon's Sweetheart)
  • Met the Premier as he started his campaign for re-election with our luncheon at work.

  • I have always been a big Android fan, and I get the opportunity to start writing for AndroidinCanada.
  • Alister's health has started to decline some more, and in effort to help a few of us got together and helped Peter move a bed.  Not as easy as you may think.
  • With no official plans for March 17th, we had  made some informal ones for a few pipers to go and hang out some places -- unfortunately this was the year of the St. Paddy's Day Flooding in our basement.
  • I got the opportunity to perform Orkney Wedding with the TBSO.  Very interesting.

  • Month starts of with a great opportunity to meet the Simon Fraser Pipe Band in Winnipeg for workshops and a concert.
  • Work holds the Annual Business Awards, and it's a great opportunity for me as I help plan and coordinate the nominees, meeting some great people and hearing some even better stories.
  • This is also the month that I start biking to work.  You start to notice that my posts have the running tally of my biking ratio.

  • The Annual Folklore Festival is held and we perform at it (I happen to get in the paper again... :)
  • I also saw an opportunity, so I left AiC to start writing for CanadiAndroid.  He lived closer (Sudbury) and I thought it would be good to write for something smaller.
  • What was really cool was getting back my 1923 Alexander Ross pipes from Ringo Bowen after he had done some restoration work on them.  Amazing fun - not true 'small pipes', as they don't really pitch well, but historic none-the-less.
  • In following with piping, I also competed in my first ever online competition.  I ended up getting a 6th place in my Hornpipe Jig.

  • Hit 34.  Yup I'm getting old.
  • For the past few years, my work life has revolved around community partnerships, and there was none better than being a part of Pierre Schryer's Canadian Celtic Celebration. Pierre is a class act, and the show he puts on (with the talent he collects) and the workshops held, I was totally in the wrong sphere for me.  But it was great that he included me.
  • I also start realizing this month that there's some wicked Android tablets, and all the piping gigs I've been doing need to going towards me getting one.

  • Google+ is introduced, and thanks to some geeky friends I get an invite.  My baptism into Google geekdom is near completion.
  • Mega parade season starts and concludes.  I had never felt so tired after a parade, as I did after Minocqua.  Looking forward to it again in 2012.
  • Someone's life long goal is reached while at Rory and Rain's wedding...  Too bad I screwed up her entrance.  It would have been neat had I done it right -- sorry guys.  But excellent day.
  • I finally grab my eeePad, but I'll let you read the articles about all the fun that ensues.  But I love my tablet.
  • After noticing the CdnDroid blog site dwindling, and my involvement in it increasing, I decide to leave and return to AiC.  Good move on my part.
  • Mandy and I are officially 8 years married!

  • 2nd Annual Day out with Thomas event.  New location, same Thomas fun and great times with the family.
  • In honour of my parents' 40th Anniversary we hold the first ever Moore Family Reunion.  As much as we all kind of winced at the idea of hanging out with each other - it was a great time actually.
  • As August is a slower time of the year, we also got to get away and have Dean's first time camping in a tent.  Kakabeka mind you, but still - it's camping.  Dean enjoys it, and learns all sorts of fun things; like peeing outside and telling ghost stories.

  • Eliza enters the world via Kris and Greg, making Dean no longer the lonely grandchild on Mandy's side.
  • As with most things in life, with every addition, there's also a loss, and the day before Eliza came into the world there was Margaret's passing
  • Our band held our annual information night for students (got myself on Shaw and CBC), and got probably our best batch yet.  Will be good to see where these are in a year.

  • This was the year that Dean really got into Hallowe'en.  Not only did he pick out the costume (which mommy made), he enjoyed showing it off.
  • I try out Blogger vs. Wordpress.  Both have their plusses and minuses.  I think I'm sticking with blogger, just as it's more 'google' related... we'll see how it plays out.
  • Steve drops a bomb on the pipe band moves to Barrie after the Bayfield trip.  Truly missing ya Steve.

  • I finish up my 2nd Online Competition and get the results... zip.  Well, 6th for my piobaireachd.  Kinda crushing, but I am competing against people across the world.
  • My pathetic attempts for Movember.  But I did raise $145 this year via:
  • I get a message about doing a recording with Rodney Brown.  Another tip of the hat from Pierre.  It was fun... different, working with others, but it worked out well in the end... I hope.
  • Our fundraising calendars are officially out and we get an opportunity to sell them in the mall... however, poor weather kept a lot of people away.  Still, sold through the first batch amazingly quickly.  Still have some from the 2nd.
  • Work at AiC is getting interesting and I get my first 'demo phone', the Sony Xperia Pro.  Go watch my review of it (and then I do a review of the Motorola RAZR).  Something I definitely want more of.
  • I also unofficially ended my biking to work -- however, I'd like to try it some time in the winter.  I hear there's more 'man points' to be had.

  • Dean gets into Christmas, and is almost paying attention to the 'Santa's watching you' stuff.
  • I also got in a visit with Don/Brandon as they came into town.
  • The Galaxy Nexus is introduced and Bell/Virgin get exclusivity for a month.  I'm just waiting until Rogers gets it, then a week later tbaytel will... not sure I want to stay with tbaytel, but i do want that phone, and can't afford to purchase without a subsidy.
  • Christmas and New Years were great.  Very 'battery recharging' as my boss puts it.  I would list my gifts I got this year, but that's pretty childish, and I wouldn't want to highlight what some got me and others didn't.  I did get some geek cred presents:  2 Android figures, an Android shirt, a Logitech Revue Google TV box and some Doctor Who paraphernalia. Cool.
So, that's my 2011.  Hope yours was as good (but not better :)

What am I looking forward to in 2012?

Well, besides "phi day" (I'm inventing it to save Mandy some face), I'm looking forward to the Galaxy Nexus, obviously, and more time with my family.  I'm rolling over some vacation days that I didn't use last year and will whole heartedly use them up this year.  Camping is very much on my list.

This is also the year that we said we'd start to look at new houses, as we originally vowed only 5 years with this one.

It also might be the year, sad to say it, that my Aztek will bite the dust.  She's hanging in for sure, but nothing'll last forever.

And speaking of putting things to rest - this may also be the year I'll walk away from Facebook.  Perhaps not entirely, as 99% of the people are still there, but I'll distance myself further and further.

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